Project Coordinators

Global Group Media is currently hiring for Project Coordinators. 

Telling your Story” is our ethos.  We created Global Group Media which is focused on producing country and industry related reports on emerging markets and the world’s leading countries, thereby providing our global audience  with a macro-economic overview of international business.

Our reports are based on interviews with C+ Suite executives and political leaders, with a focus and celebration of Thought Leaders; innovators, inventors, thinkers, problem solvers and drivers of a nation and its industries’ growth and development.

The idea is that emerging economies in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America & the Caribbean should be able to tell their stories on history, culture, economy, and politics, as these important variables determine their current situations and defines their respective future.

We spend 6-8 weeks on the ground, in each country, telling their success stories, their investment stories, their entrepreneur stories, their startup stories, their challenges; all from their perspective, all from within to provide a truly authentic and real situation analysis of that particular country and its various industries.

Art, literature, music and entertainment stories are celebrated while giving companies and the local market a valuable opportunity to highlight their story and gain exposure in established markets, and vice versa.

What does the role involve

1.Good sales skills

2.Travel for up to eleven months of the year, meeting the people that matter in every corner of the globe. 

3.Conduct local research on each country and on the companies in the main sectors of the economy.

4.Represent the most prestigious international business magazines and newspapers.

5.Prepare interviews, present our product and negotiate advertising rates with senior government officials and leading business people. 

6.Team spirit and passion for personal development



If you have sales experience, and desire an international travel lifestyle, send your CV and cover letter  directly to