The International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Armenia 2018 (ICAE2018)

The International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Armenia 2018 (ICAE2018), organized by Shaula International LLC will be held in Yerevan between 25th of September and 25th of October 2018 under the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism of Italy, the Ministry of Culture of Armenia and with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia aims to be the most important contemporary art exhibition ever organized within the Caucasian region in the past decades for the importance of the artists participating and for the diversity of origins of the artworks exhibited. Moreover, the dates of ICAE2018 coincide with those of the annual summit of the International Organization of la Francophonie in Yerevan and with the celebration of Yerevan 2800th anniversary.

The uniqueness of ICAE2018 consists in the fact that it will display all the different expressions of contemporary art, from paintings to sculpture, from photography to installations and performances simultaneously exhibited among 6 different locations around the city center of Yerevan, combined with collateral events and more than 15 workshops/talks involving international artists and art experts. The artists who confirmed their participation are coming from all over the world and will contribute to putting Armenia under the international spotlight as a host country of a major cultural event in the contemporary art scene during the months of September and October. In fact, one of ICAE2018’s most distinctive features is the combination of an international exhibition with several side events such as art focused educational workshops organized in cooperation with some of the most important cultural and educational institutions of the Country which main scope is to create interaction between international artists/art experts and the local talents both in the art industry and in the business in art. We strongly believe that Armenia has the potential to become a hub both for international art exhibitions and the market.

“ICAE2018” will present Armenia as a new artistic hub, creating valuable connections and opportunities for the Armenian artistic scene to develop both within and outside the Country borders.

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