Aboudia – Renowned Ivorian Artist



q-logo What is the inspiration behind “Mogo Dynasty?” What would you like people to feel when they look at your paintings?


a-logo The inspiration behind “Mogo Dynasty” shows exactly the world I created with the street and the children on the street.

q-logo What does “Mogo Dynasty mean?” How was it created/ how did you come about that name/ theme? 


a-logo “Mogo dynasty” means, “I have my space, the space of children.” I came about this name because of my writing, which determines a different universe from what we are used to see.

q-logo As a young artist and especially as an African artist, what do you think about the expression “starving artist”?


a-logo I don’t believe “starving artist” is a correct expression, because an artist firstly works to denounce the bad aspects of society, so he does not especially make art for money. A true artist will understand where I am coming from.

q-logo What do you think about the status of African Art in the world?


a-logo I think that African art has a place in the world and the contemporary world, because numerous African paints are exposed in some of the most Famous European and American museums; and are part of some of the most prestigious collections in the world. Therefore I would say African art is doing well.

q-logo What made you choose art as an occupation and what were your artistic inspirations?


a-logo I started art from a young age. Growing up, I discovered an innate talent and that’s why I chose this career which is as noble as being a doctor. I am inspired by the graffiti that children make in the streets.

q-logo Did you ever think you would reach the level of success you have now?

a-logo For me, success is being able to share a message or more, to be understood and reach the sensibility of our entourage through our art. Success is not a trend that would have the news talk, and then make people believe you are successful without understanding the message.