Itgel Chuluunbaatar,

Author and Creator: “Magnificent Mongolia” Coloring Book talks to us about Telling her Story and its importance


In 2016, young Itgel released the elegantly conceptualized coloring book ‘Magnificent Mongolia’. She was motivated to create Magnificent Mongolia when she lived in Australia. “I believe every culture in the world is unique and beautiful. But most of the time, we take it for granted. I realized how beautiful Mongolia and Mongolian culture is when I lived in Australia  for  three  years.  While I studied there, I missed my country  very  much. I began  to see  that  Mongolia  has  not  only  beautiful  nature,  but  also a vibrant  and  rich  culture  full  of  unique  patterns  and  designs.  If  you  go  into  a  Mongolian  ger,  you  will  feel  like  you are in a world full of sunshine, because all the ger decorations are quite colorful.”

Family Colouring Grid

But being away from one’s home gives one a sense of nostalgia that, upon one’s return, may be jolted to reality. “When I came  back,  I  was  disappointed that  people in Mongolia  did  not  share  the  same sentiments as I did.  It was just ordinary  and mundane for them, so  they  don’t  really appreciate  the  beauty. I  want  people  to  rediscover  that  beauty.  I want  people to see Mongolians, not just as  simple nomads, but as a people with a rich traditional heritage. I searched for some ideas to help see the beauty in Mongolia. And I decided to create Magnificent Mongolia.”

Colouring with the loved one

Itgel drew inspiration from Mongolian  tradition, where she visited temples and museums. “The more I researched, the more I discovered about our culture.”  My aim for creating the book was to help more people experience Mongolian beauty. That is why we named the book ‘Magnificent Mongolia’.  In a highly digital world, most people are addicted to their devices. The cities are becoming  crowded  and  stressful.  When I came back to Ulaanbaatar, everyone  was honking  their  horns  and wearing  an  angry  face. We want  our  book  to become a creative outlet for a stress-free life. People are able to color the pages and enjoy the process.  We  want  parents  to  have quality time with their children,  and in doing so, enjoy making  something beautiful together.



The project has yielded magnificent results as well. When our readers, or shall I say users, send their colored images, they are unique and different from each other. No two person colors the image exactly the same. Mongolia is changing a lot, Itgel observes. “Even in the last three years, Ulaanbaatar has changed a lot and I felt like I was in a different city. Although changes are great, I think maintaining our culture and tradition is vital. We are Mongols because of our culture and heritage. I want our future generations to be proud of our own culture.

Culture and history shape us and defines us. So it is important to promote and preserve them for our future generations.”

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