Janada L. Ajeroh – CEO  Mint Organic Care

What was the motivation to produce organic and natural body products in a country that has over 70 % of skin depigmentation ?

I used myself as a data point. I initially began making bath and body products for myself and my family, using ingredients that proved healthiest and most enjoyable on my skin. With time, friends and strangers began requesting the products, which inspired the idea to design them as gifts for events and souvenirs. Even though there is a lot of skin bleaching in Nigeria, there is a substantial and growing population of Nigerians that desire pure and chemical free products for themselves and their household. Nigerians are becoming more conscious of the things we put into and onto our body, and this awareness is showing more in the health and beauty industry.

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What product lines do you offer and what are your bestselling products?

We currently offer over 10 bath and body products in addition to natural scented soy candles. All our products are handmade from scratch in small batches to preserve their freshness and nutrients. Our best sellers include: bar soap, face & body scrub, goatmilk lotion, bath bombs and body butter. We also carry bath accessories such as sponges, towels and foot stones. If I had to choose our number one best seller it would be the bar soaps!

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As a female entrepreneur, what advice can you give to other women and the youth who want to start their own company and taking advantage of the ample opportunities in Nigeria?

As the ease of doing business is notably lower than many other countries, I would advice young aspiring entrepreneurs to ensure they have a real passion for their business. As I stated earlier I began my business as a form of self care and I would continue to make bath and body products for myself and my family regardless of being paid or not. I would also add to devise a solid business plan and stick to it, especially in the early stages of the business. As you’re growing a business I think one may receive various offers, collaborations and ideas that sound good but lack depth for your business at the end of the day. Be confident in your work and grow alone if you must.

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Who is MOC’s target market and where do you hope to see MOC in the next five years ?

We initially had a target market of females age 16-60, but because our products have therapeutic and healing properties, we quickly saw that there is a market for people of all ages. Everyone needs to bathe right? We have products for men, women, children, babies and aging mature skin. We also cater for events for all ages. Handmade products are versatile in this way and so consumer targets are endless.

In the next 5 years Mint would have solidified their flagship store in Abuja and will have a US base for retail as well. We will also have developed our baby line that is currently in the works and eventually, a hair care line. Better products, better service and worldwide access!

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